Saanvi Stories – Photocccch and much more!

I’ve wanted to write this post, the more I gather – the less I remember.
Below are the few of my personal favorites in the countless traits she’s been acquiring, now that she’s just one week away from turning 2.

1. “Aaaadi…”

The phrase me and Vinod dread the most. What this means in my mother tongue is “That”. In my daughter’s language, it means – “that specific thing you and I can see, and you don’t want to give to me – but I want only that”. so, we start giving her things, and she keeps repeating the phrase – every time louder and finally we go “Eeedi……….??” , which means “Which one?”. The battle ends with she getting her “Aaadi…”.

2. “Photochhhhhh”

My dear daughter is not a favorite of drinking milk, and it’s a known fact that both mother’s and bottle milk hold no joy for her. So, when she was just milk-feeding baby, we had no choice but to put on the mobile and show her some rhymes and get done with drinking milk. Now that, she’s grown older, she just says ;

” Ammaaa Mobine…”

Which translates to – ” Just get my mother’s mobile if you want me to open my mouth to drink milk”. Dad’s Samsung S2, And all the other mobiles/ gadgets at phone are rejected at their plain sight. “NOOOOO” with head nodding and finger-pointing. Once she gets hold of my Mobile, the next scream..


which translates to –  “show me my videos”.  If you are 3 seconds late, she grabs the iphone, open the “Photos” Icon, and then comes her final request..


Here you go. If you give me mom’s iphone, put on the balls video –  you can get to open my mouth. And the whole thing is an AND condition, the mouth closes the moment the condition becomes false.

To test her out, we gave her all the gadgets one after one – Apple Iphone, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Ultra Touch and a really old Sony Ericsson Mobile. In every phone, she remembers the exact steps she needs to do – to open her favorite video in each of the phones.
Gods can just think of a creative way of saving me,I guess.

3. “XXX Vadduuu ”

“Vaddu” means “do not want” in my mother tongue. So, out of the 4 people available for her service, she gets to choose which one will attend which duty of hers. It’s because she knows which one will oblige what request of hers dutifully. When it’s reading books or let her jump mercilessly on the bed:

“Nanamma Vaddu ( I do not want grand mother )”
“Tata Vaddu (I do not want grand father) ”
“Nanna Vaddu ( I do not want father)”
“Amma OK ( Mom, you just won the lottery, what are you waiting for!? )”

All the above 4 sentences, come like bullets out of her mouth.

An interesting thing happens when sleeping every day night. I wait for her to say “Amma vaddu ( I do not want mother)” so that she sleeps at the place her dad sleeps, and god knows where he sleeps. The one she selects, is going to have a sleepless night. We congratulate the one she denies, and the denied person happily sleeps. Interestingly enough, she decides it’s the other person’s turn right in the morning and starts “xxx Vaddu” where xxx is the person who she wanted to attend her at night.Sigh.

4. “Ummm Good Girl. Aaaa Good Girl”

This is the most recent one she picked up. She sits on her cycle, keeps coming to one of us, and suddenly decides that she is being a good girl. She yells out –  “Umm Good girl. Aaa Good girl”. And when we ask her, when did she become a goo girl, she promptly replies –  “Now”.

5. ” Aaeee Aeee”

On a particular night, when my motherly instincts were at a high, I decided that I should sing a lullaby for my daughter. And I sang one of the famous lullaby in our mother tongue – “Laali Laali”. What i didn’t knew was, my daughter isn’t in her first few days of life where she couldn’t make any sense – but a naughty toddler who’s going to dissect my song , like we dissect cockroach in biology lab. Gross analogy, apologies for that. Anyway, after my lullaby that night, instead of sleeping, she gets up cheerfully and says – “Aaee Aaee” and gives my mobile in my hand. I show her the video, and end up playing the same song for 15-20 times.

And the next days are no different. Once she says “Aaee Aaee” and keeps insisting I play it, all my family disappears from the front room, with me and her watching the video over, and over and over.

That’s all I can think for now, more will keep coming for sure.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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