Book Review : Feeling Sorry for Celia


Feeling Sorry for Celia is a letter-book. I mean, the book is full of letters written by real people and some imaginary institutions. Written in 2000, pretty easy and interesting YA ( Young Adult read). It captures the essence of a Aussie teenager’s life so beautifully. You will fall in love with the narrative – feel as if you have been given permission to get into a teen’s head and just watch what’s going on.

The central character, Elizabeth Clarry has a friend Celia, who keeps running away. For one time in this book, she joins a circus. And then Elizabeth aka Lizzy is into long distance training, letter writing to a girl from another school few blocks away, meeting her long gone dad, writing to her never-met-but-exists step brother, and of course – the best letters are from her mum. She always writes in !!!CAPS!!! and keeps asking her to think of some weird things or bake something for her, by following the recipe on the fridge.

The smile on your lips will consistently stay – as you read letters from imaginary institutions like young teenagers association, best friends club,
THE COLD HARD TRUTH ASSOCIATION, the Secret and Mysterious Institution, People who will fail High School (And probably life) Association..and so on. It’s just hilarious.

It’s also heart warming that the book has a fantastic ending – Lizzy finally runs a marathon, finds a boy friend and a best friend. You’ll feel so good for her. The author is an expert writer – she weaves the situations happening around Elizabeth in the form of letters, and for a moment the reader’s not bored.

Managed to finish it in 2 days – as I was reading it practically everywhere – standing, sitting and sleeping(Just kidding). More so, because it’s a small book. If you get your hands on one, just read it. Or can i say – find one and read it, because you’ll absolutely love love love it?

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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