Boot camp: Week 8 Day 1

It was warm and sunny today, and I did enjoy the weather a lot. We did boxing, with a twist today.

The boxers and defendents were standing around  200 meters apart from each other. What we did was below:

Round 1 : Run 100m , reach the defender. 2 straight punches. Reverse paddle all the way to the beginning, touch the ground and come back. Increase punches by 2, and go back. Keep doing for 3 minutes.

The boxer  & defender exchange. Same process.

Round 2 – Same as round 1, but the boxer does a pushup when he goes to the start line, and the defender does a squat.

Round 3 – 2 lower cuts, 2 straight cuts and 2 upper cuts. The boxer does 2 pushups,and defender does 2 squats.

Round 4 – 10 straight cuts, 10 squats,. Increase straight  cuts by 10 each time, doing 10 squats in between.

Every round, we took the boxer and defender position in sequence. We had 1 minute of rest between the rounds. I was a bit sad that my boot camp will finish in another 2 sessions.

Did not feel tired at all when I was doing the boot camp, but it sure reflected in my post-lunch day. My pushups are still pathetic, time to train on them.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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