Unglue It !!

This concept – crowd funding is amazing. Just imagine,that people contribute to make the book free to the entire world. And the authors agree too. Mind-boggling. Congratulations to the team for getting their first unglued book on the way!! Just waiting to see, if any mainstream authors would join the party, as royalties are the bread and butter of the author. How can you just accept a fixed amount & let everybody read it? On other hand, it’s good for the author to know that he has released free copies,rather than people copying ebooks from torrents and other people’s kindle devices.

Not yet so confident to make a contribution, will keep a close watch on this website – books are one of my biggest passions in life!! Make a promise to myself to contribute if their 10 books get unglued, and one of the wishlist book inspires me to make it free to the entire world.

Go, check out here:


Have a great day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

One thought on “Unglue It !!”

  1. Great idea. The entire business of book distribution and remuneration is changing faster than we can imagine. It’ truly an exciting time. This is another avenue I haven’t thought about.

    Thanks for sharing.

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