Mushroom Soup & Hotel Style Sambar

After long gap, today was my day in kitchen – a day full of experiments. If i am posting here, that implies that the experiments are success. Here we go for the recipes:

1. Hotel Style Sambar

This is adapted from the free iphone app ChitVish, very popular food blogger.  Method:

Pressure cook 1 cup toor dal, 2 tbsp moong dal, onion, tomato and green chilli

Dry roast and grind chana dal, poppy seeds, black pepper, jeera, red chilli, and sounf.

Put the powder in the sambar 5 min before you switch off the stove. Garnish with coriander.

My husband is fed up of my sambar experiements every time we make Idli at home. So, I tried this today – and he was happy though not escastic : He says that the taste is close to Hotel sambar. Hmm, I’m inspired. The day I get  the perfect hotel sambar taste, that would call for a toast and separate post of its own!!

2. Cream of mushroom Soup

Yes, until now – wherever i went to eat food outside my home, my order would say -“No mushrooms please”.  After I have started reading more about health and fitness, i have realized that mushrooms are the powerhouse of nutrients one’s body needs and what better way than preparing a soup? So, I bought sliced mushrooms from Coles today, and made cream of mushroom. It was yum, and  we all liked the taste. I hope it becomes a regular at my home now.

The recipe is taken from various sources on the internet, here it goes:

> Melt some butter, and put garlic and onions. Once the onion color changes a bit, place sliced mushrooms and cook for 15-20 mts until the mushrooms are cooked completely.

> Blend the above into smooth paste.

> Take some whole milk, bring to boil. Add the mushroom paste, pepper powder and salt.

> Switch of the stove, and add some lime juice. Garnish with coriander.

As usual, my photos are left on iphone and I’m blogging midnight on my laptop. Sorry, friends.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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