Book Review : 9 Ways to Body Wisdom

This is the book, which gets its review so long after I finished reading.  I saw this book at the coffee shop we go regularly to grab our morning cappuccino, and I borrowed this book from the sweet peru girl at the counter. It took me almost a month, reading 1 hour daily – 2 half an hour sessions to and from the office. Pretty impressed with the content. The only downfall is, this book has so much information and it feels that I am currently not equipped with enough knowledge to start executing the steps outlined.


This book is related to the ancient techniques of TCM( Traditional Chinese Medicine). I would like to go into more details, for the benefit of my readers) :

Our body is composed of 5 elements – wood, earth, fire, water and metal.

Each of these elements are associated with our body parts.

Wood – Liver and Gall bladder

Fire – Heart and Small Intestine

Water – Kidneys and Bladder

Metal – Lungs & Large Intestine

Each chapter is devoted to each element, and details the functions of the body parts mentioned above. And 9 ways in which you can take care of each body part. Here are the 9 ways :-

> Chinese & Natural Nutrition

> Herbs & Spices

> Excercise

> Reflexology

> Accupressure

> Aroma therapy

> Flower remedies

> Affirmations

> Visualizations & Meditation

Lot of information is new to me, and it’s kind of good to know that lack of empathy, excessive worry and other emotional symptoms can be so scientifically linked to a specific body part. And by treating it with proper diet and excercise, the emotional part is taken care as well.

As I read this book while travelling, did not write down any notes, but one concept still clearly roams in my mind whenever I see this book : Body brushing. The author highly recommends it, and emphasizes that it helps in better body circulation. A quick google search affirms me that.

For my own reference, below are the areas I would like to do more research and see if i can help myself and my family:

> Body brushing

> Reflexology

Tried searching apps on Iphone for reflexology, didn’t find any good free apps yet.

Overall, if you just want to gain knowledge, go ahead and read this book. It’s full of it. And if you are adventurous, there are plenty of pressure points all over your body – illustrated with diagrams. You can take a look, and try yourself.

My rating: 4/5

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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