Search & Rescue

During my usual browsing at killerstartups, came across this one:

The CEO & Founder is a 17-year old guy, and as per no-adult policy, all his team are high school students. They created a website which will search through existing search engine (bing), and the money earnt by the 3rd party advertisers will be spent on a noble cause.

While I certainly applaud these guys for their golden heart, my mind started pondering over these questions:-

What exactly defines a startup?

Should it have a product ?

Should it have inventions, and patents?

Should it have some financial sense?

Given the amount of maverick startups i see these days, my brain has already started collecting cool things we can do with the Internet. Afterall, if some one can have a company with the sole criteria of helping others – I certainly qualify to be an entrepeneur as well.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


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