Boot camp :Week 7 Day 2

This week was tough, and Day 2 was the toughest. When tony said Weight Vests in his email, I vividly remembered Jivi telling me that she hated this session because
it was so hard. My legs were still sore from tuesday’s kicking and I ran the most part from office to the park. The weights around my vest would be anywhere between
8 to 10 kg.We first ran 2 big rounds around the park, with the weights. I could not run even the first round, and had to stop really frequently. Was the last one
to come back to Tony after the round. third round was without weights, and I did feel much lighter. But, even then I couldn’t run completely. Walk and run.

When I was relieved running was over, Tony took us to the stairs. It’s a really big stair case with around 35-40 steps, with some distance in betweeen sets of 15 steps.
We stepped over the stairs for 5 minutes with weights. And then 1 minute rest, followed by 4 minutes of stair stepping without weight vests. Here too, I did
considerably average, while going up – I did just walk but coming down – I did the stepping.

The last part was hill climb. We had a realy uphill path, were Tony made us run to and fro with the weights for 5 minutes. Same as previous round, we ran
for 4 minutes without weights, after rest of 1 minute.

And then, we stretched. Today, I asked Tony if he can drop me back along with other guys sitting in his car. Had no patience of walking the 1.3 km back to work.
By last week, I was very happy that my body was adapting well and was really looking forward. This week has shaked all the confidence I’ve built in myself and
proved that I really have a long long way to go. Nevertheless, I am happy I am doing this – something I never dreamed I could do.

Next week is week 8 and the last week. As Tony skipped one of the sessions, there’s going to be a bonus session on 24th July and that would conclude my
boot camp. My boot camp friend was asking me, if I will continue coming to the next boot camp round. Will I?

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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