Boot camp: Week 6 Day 2

Today’s session was the hardest. Tony called it the KENNETH.

Here’s what we did:

20 shoulder press
20 squats with load
200 meters run
20 burpees
20 medicine ball thrust

This round went on for 5 minutes.

Every round, the shoulder presses increased by 10, and run increased by 100 meter, and tony gave us extra 2 minutes to complete.

Took 5kg weight bar for shoulder presses and squats with load. I never did shoulder presses before, and struggled to get my form right. Even more struggle to do the shoulder press. Tony was kind enough, and told me how to ease the press a bit. The squats, medicine ball thrust and burpees were tolerable. Run was not so bad, but the presses just killed me.

Couldn’t complete any set, but this is the most rigorous workout i have ever had in my life. After a while, something magical happened. The cool breeze was going on, and I started doing my workout with eyes closed. It felt like heaven, and I could feel the specific body parts moving to cater for the overall workout step. I was slow, did not finish the reps – but I enjoyed every bit of today’s workout. Usually, I hate to walk the 1.3 km back to work, but today I thought the walk was a bit better.

Finally, my lunch box today – stir fried veggies, some dal and chapati.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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