Boot camp: Week 6 Day 1

Today, we did circuit training. That means, all these :

1. medicine ball thrusts ( up and down)
2. burpees
3. lunge jumps
4. dumbell lifts ( side ways)
5. turkish get ups
6. pushups
7. jumping on the obstacle / hurdles
8. stepping on ladder
9.medicine ball thrusts ( side ways)
10. rope lifts
11. bicep curls
12. duck walk
13. sand bags
14. kettle bells swings
15. shoulder front raise with dumbells

All the excercise instruments ( kettlebells, dumbells and other stuff) were arranged in a big circle. We did 3 rounds, 2nd round with one lap around the instruments between each item.

Each round – Spend 35 seconds at each instrument, and do as many as you can. Move on to the next one.

Lotss of fun. It’s amazing my body can adapt to so much of circuit training. Looking forward for thursday.

Have a great day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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