Creating Habits: The July Challenge

I’ve read long and enough to understand, why I never do things I wanted to do. Why I am the way I am, and what I can do about it. The other day I penned down the list of habits that I wanted to incorporate into my life – the list touched 50 items!! Unbelievable. It’s not that I’m really shobby or rather bad – but with those habits – Life would be much fun.

So, I started off this month – July 2012 with a simple habit to do for 31 consecutive days. I have a calendar printed, and will cross off with marker, everyday I finish doing the planned activity.

Here’s what I plan to do:

> Drink a glass of water , as soon as I get up in the morning

> Do 50 jumping jacks

> Rub my nails for 2 minutes

The whole activity takes me 5-6 minutes of my time, and so far – July 1st and 2nd – my calendar has been marked off. I tried to persuade dear hubby into this, but he’s game only for the 3rd one. Something’s better than nothing.

Will post an update next week, on how things are going. Do you have a habit, that you long to create in your life? What are you waiting for? Start off!!

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


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