The art of chewing

My husband was staring at me – and I was still chewing that piece of pizza from my first slice, most of the slice in my hand. Rest all were in second slice.

After a couple of minutes when I finished eating – I told him about the art of chewing and why we should chew our food well.

What followed was 1/2 hour of pulling my leg by everybody in the house, including saanvi. She didn’t understand why everybody was laughing so loud.

This is not my first experience with my new found hobby of chewing food well. My lunch lasted for 45 minutes an the end result was my aching mouth and a shocked lunch mate. She exclaimed to me – “this is our longest lunch!” I told her – “I started chewing my food really well”. The response – loud sound of laughter.

What’s wrong in chewing the food well? Couple of things:
1. Respect your time please. One hour for lunch includes everything, not just chewing your food well.
2. Respect the cook. If you take forever to chew, it means it’s not edible or stone-textured.
3. Respect your mouth. Use it to comment others, sing useless songs and ofcourse, gossip. But chewing – who are you kidding?

Whatever, I have no respect for any of the above. My latest life ambition is to irritate as many people as possible by just one non verbal action – chewing my food really really well.

If you want more things to laugh about, google on Chewdaism and have fun.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

4 thoughts on “The art of chewing”

  1. Really i am surprised that one can write an article on chewing..and..we read it……
    Any how…we enjoyed…will dare to read chewdaism…hahahaa….

    Skeptical,what made you chew so long my dear..vadina..

    1. Haha..good you enjoyed it..

      If you start chewing..and will stop only after all the food is completely will notice that you are eating for quite long 🙂 Try it once and see… 😀

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