Cooling Ragi Malt

With blisters on my tongue created by overheating within my body, I had to do something. If i was in India now, would have gone and taken a B12 tablet strip and gleefully consumed all of it. But, with no such options available, I was looking at what I can do with things sitting in my pantry. And yes, I was reminded of the large opened packet of ragi flour sitting straight in front of me.

With little research, I came to know that this is cooling food, and Indian village people used to drink it , after they are back home from hot sun’s wrath.

So, today morning – I prepared ragi malt. I prepared it, took my bath and wanted to drink. But, by then it solidified and became a smoothie kind. Nonetheless, it was tasting great!! My dear daughter saanvi – who woke up by then took great pride in feeding me all the ragi malt with a big spoon, and in between feeding herself to smaller portions. All in all, quite liked it, and am sure this will be in my regular recipe list – and helpful for my body too.

As usual, I am pretty pathetic at pictures. Did not take the picture – just made it and drank 😀

Next time, I promise  – for all the recipes I make, I’ll make sure to post atleast one picture of the finished product.

Here comes the recipe :

Today, one of our colleagues is celebrating her birthday in a nearby pub. I wonder, what vegetarian lunch options I would be having. Banking on a veggie subway post lunch to fill me up.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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