Saanvi Stories : Dinner Time

I was waiting for an appropriate time to post this, since this happened on saturday night.

Dear Daughter Saanvi really woke up on saturday, with a firm resolution of testing my patience. She rejected the breakfast, lunch and all the liquids. With all my creative ideas emptied, I managed to feed her sparse quantity of liquids and some junk food. Evening, I tried to be the nice mommy – prepared special chapatis for her..mixed some beans and chick peas..hopeless me was trying to sneak in the day’s nutrition in her dinner.. she bited a few pieces and then suddenly as a rocket flying in sky.. started running as fast as she can from the chapati and me..

Frustrated, we settled down with our noodles, which dear hubby prepared – looking at the exhausted look on my face, following the day’s saanvi eating disasters. Saanvi came around, took a look and insisted she be fed the noodles. We gave her, and what followed was mind blowing..

“Yummyyyyyyyyy” …. “and finger licking followed by emptying of her bowl in couple of minutes.

I was suprised and so happy. During her second serving, her dad tried to feed her and she instructed him to sit with his hands folded, and in a particular manner she showed him. And then, assured – started her eating again!

Told myself – Welcome to Terrible Two’s.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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