Gum road – The future of Selling!!

I cannot resist my self from writing this post.  My usual website for knowing the recent international startups is Today, while my query is taking unusually long time to run, I happened to read about this 19-year kid( not doing any kid-like activities!)  here :

Intrigued, I promptly went to  gumroad, and started browsing.

It’s a simple idea – Sell what you create, directly to your followers. But, a very powerful one indeed. In the world, where people spend tons of hours following people on twitter, earning followers , and creating facebook contacts –  why not just sell to them? Your audience is identified right away!!

Quite impressed by the website content and layout. Wish I had anything to sell at the moment, would have done a demo. Take a look at the introductory video on vimeo at front page, it says all about them.

This post is to say “All the Best” and as I always believe – Simple Ideas with great hard work always work great!  Well done Sahil Lavingia !!

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


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