Boot camp : Week 3 Day 2

Can’t believe 3 week of boot camp has finished. Ofcourse, technically the 3rd one has gone missing.

For tuesday – I didn’t attend as my daughter was sick. And today – the trainer is sick. But, today’s session will be compensated – he promised.  So, what is this update about?

I have a fantastic colleague at work – she does morning boot camps, afternoon boot camps and whole lot of dancing. Off late, she has lost around 12 kg..and she’s rocking!! She asked me and couple of other boot camp team mates if they would join her workout today. I wasn’t having any excercise since last thursday and I gladly obliged.

We ran to the wentworth park, and did 2 sets of the below:

  • run up and down the stairs 10x.. then go to the park (find somewhere not too wet)..
  • then 30 pushups,
  • 50 lunges,
  • 50 starjumps,
  • 50 squats then
  • 10 box jumps.. .
My fitness levels aren’t there yet – so I satisfied myself with 15-20 of each . Box jumps – jumping up and down a slighly higher elevation – was out of question! I stepped up, and jumped down.. atleast I know I’ll be on the ground.
Given the bad weather in Sydney these days – today was extra ordinarily sunny. I wore a thermal and regretted it. Drenched in sweat, by the time we finished our session.
It feels great, that i am able to do things that I never thought i will do. I know it’s a far far way to go, but atleast i have started.
Have a good day, and keep rocking!!




Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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