Listen to your heart’s content with Aurality App!!

While browsing internet, I came across this beautiful App called Aurality.  You really want to read stuff that’s interesting to you – but I know, you and me sit at the office desk whole day. And, if that’s not enough – we have movies and TV shows to catch up once we go home. So, how are we gonna get our daily dose of interesting stuff without reading through the eyes? Yeah, switch to ears and listening.

I’ve been testing this app for a while now, and it seems to score good marks.  Image

The app has A-CAST, which means Aurality-Cast. You can click on “Most Popular” to start listening to most popular news, and then go on to decide by the sections which interest you.


If you are like me –  you already have the stuff you want to listen to. After you’re done with your quick round up of news and other basic stuff, you want to give the URL of the site and listen. So,  you have a section called “MY STUFF”. Two interesting things here:

a) (+) :  Create your own personal station. Provide a URL. The App fetches the latest RSS feed and starts playing automatically.

b) Hear It Later: You might have heard of pocket ( – which was previously “read it later”. So, for the reading list in your pocket, you have a station called Hear It Later. Smart, indeed.


And, that’s not all. For every thing the app plays – you get to choose between headlines (5 seconds), quick scan (20 seconds) and full article ( time depends on the length of the article).

I observed there are male and female voices reading out. It’s not at all pleasant to ears at first, because of two things. Once, the art of listening is lost long back, these days people are interested just to talk about themselves. Second, the one talking is not even human and you can’t see it. So, i’ll admit that it’s hard to listen at first – but just weigh it with not reading it at all. This one sounds better option, isn’t it?

I had only two gripes with this app:

a) It starts playing as soon as i click a station, although my sound is turned to mute. ( Iphone). Got a few stares from co-workers today..

b) It works only on wifi, how can I save pages offline and read them? this would make the app a very interesting one, as people can listen to their favorite webpages closing their eyes – provided they get a comfy place during their commute.

All in all, it’s a fantastic effort by the creators. And the best part – It’s free !:)

Visit, to find out more. Or simply, download the app from AppStore and start playing.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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