Satyameva Jayate : Poison on our plate?

An hour just passed away in a jiffy, and the best hour of my whole day – I am happy to watch this today.

The stats, expert opinions and the harsh realities shown are scary. The pictures and scenes shown made me shed couple of tears at several places during the show – especially when they explained about the Cancer train.

Watch the clip where Aamir interviews CMD of United Phosporous company – largest pesticide company in Asia. It’s a joke, given the fact that his own brother owns an organic farming company – which has set world records in last year. When I saw the clippings of farmers farming organically just for their families – I was in pure state of shock, and helplessness.

Mr. Ramanjaneyulu – from my own state deserves a special mention, and it’s good that the funds collected through SMS are being passed on to their institution as well. Oh, and now Sikkim has a special place in my heart – for its love on organic farming. I would love to visit Sikkim and it’s clean air and vegetables some day…

Do watch it, if you have 1 complete hour for yourself, here :

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Boot camp : Week 5 Day 2

Today was sunny, and I went out wearing my thermals. My bad, was drenched in sweat by the time I came back. Back to boot camp – Boxing!! Yay, I was happy because my past sessions were going on well and this is something not very heavy on your legs. And I always assume that my upper body is kind of shape.. but not so much that it can sustain a boot camp boxing session.

This session was very gruelling for my shoulders and entire upper body. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Round 1 – 2 lower cuts, 2 straight kicks, 2 upper cuts. Increase to 20, and decrease back to 2. Keep doing for 2 1/2 minutes

1 minute rest

Round 2 – 2 Jabs, 1 cross, 2 straight kicks. Keeping jabs & cross numbers intact, increase kicks to 20 and decrease back to 2. Keep doing for 2 1/2 minutes

1 minute rest

Round 3 – 20 lower cuts, 20 straight punches, 20 upper cuts, 20 knee punches, 1 pushup. Keep increasing pushups, while the 20’s remain constant. Keep doing for 2 1/2 minutes

1 minute rest

Round 4 – 20 lower cuts, 20 straight punches, 20 upper cuts, 20 knee punches, 1 squat. Keep increasing pushups, while the 20’s remain constant. Keep doing for 2 1/2 minutes

1 minute rest

Round 5 – 10 lower cuts, 10 straight punches, 10 upper cuts, 10 squats. Keep repeating the  cycle. Keep doing for 3 minutes

1 minute rest

Round 6 – Boxers lie down, defenders keep boots on boxer’s toe. Tony to announce number of straight punches every 20 seconds. It goes like this: If Tony shouts 2, we do a sit up, do straight punches, do a sit up and then 2 punches. Keep doing until he shouts another number. Keep doing for 4 minutes

Cool down.

I can see that my boxing is improving. today, the punches came out effortlessly and was able to time well with my partner. If all goes well, it’s fun to buy a pair of gloves and defences, and practise at home 🙂

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

The art of chewing

My husband was staring at me – and I was still chewing that piece of pizza from my first slice, most of the slice in my hand. Rest all were in second slice.

After a couple of minutes when I finished eating – I told him about the art of chewing and why we should chew our food well.

What followed was 1/2 hour of pulling my leg by everybody in the house, including saanvi. She didn’t understand why everybody was laughing so loud.

This is not my first experience with my new found hobby of chewing food well. My lunch lasted for 45 minutes an the end result was my aching mouth and a shocked lunch mate. She exclaimed to me – “this is our longest lunch!” I told her – “I started chewing my food really well”. The response – loud sound of laughter.

What’s wrong in chewing the food well? Couple of things:
1. Respect your time please. One hour for lunch includes everything, not just chewing your food well.
2. Respect the cook. If you take forever to chew, it means it’s not edible or stone-textured.
3. Respect your mouth. Use it to comment others, sing useless songs and ofcourse, gossip. But chewing – who are you kidding?

Whatever, I have no respect for any of the above. My latest life ambition is to irritate as many people as possible by just one non verbal action – chewing my food really really well.

If you want more things to laugh about, google on Chewdaism and have fun.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Free Indian Cooking eBooks

To all my blog readers,  go check this link :

There are 12 free cook books, and of excellent quality. Go ahead, try these and enjoy!!

The author Vaishali Parekh also sells and ebook on food cures for general ailments, found here :

It’s priced at $8.5 US Dollar, which is roughly 495 Indian rupees. Toying with the idea of buying or not, if i end up buying it – you will see it’s review in near future.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Boot camp :Week 5 Day 1

It was raining, but we still went. We had Sandbags session today. Tony gave me 10kg, which is the least of all the weights.

Round 1 – run till the yellow cone, run back. Run with sandbag on your back and run back. Next time, run farther till next red cone and repeat the same. 3 minutes

Round 2 – the same, except between normal run and sandbag run, perform 5 squats with sandbag. 3 and half minutes

Round 3 – Between normal run and sandbag run, perform 5 squats with sandbag, and 5 pushups. 4 minutes

Round 4 – Between normal run and sandbag run, perform 5 squats with sandbag, 5 pushups and 5 frog jumps, 4 minute 15 seconds

Round 5 – Between normal run and sandbag run, perform 5 squats with sandbag, 5 pushups, 5 frog jumps, 5 burpees – 4 and half minutes

Round 6 –  Run once without sandbag, and once with sandbag till the farthest distance. Keep repeating for 5 minutes.

Stretch and close.

Refreshing. Although, I was wondering – why isn’t my body aching any more?  When I eat white rice after I come from workout, I feel guilty. Time to put in more veggies and less carbs into my diet. This 45 minutes is the only time in my entire last few days, where I did not think of Saanvi and her family care. Still gathering thoughts on that topic, to pen them here.

Bootcamp : Week 4 Day 2

Ha, i wasn’t expecting it to be so tough when I read the below in my email today:

Todays Session = Harnesses Plus Fartlek running with resistance Chutes !

I was just fortunate, that got paired with a lady who was at the same fitness levels as me. For the harnesses, we put them on – and ran with resistance while your partner tried to pull you back. The pulling part was fun, but the running part just freaked me out. We did 3 rounds – running 20m, 40m and 60m and jogging back.

For the second section, tony gave us resistance chutes… I thought we were going to fly, for a minute!:) They look like parachutes, except without air. You tie the chute around your waist, and sprint. We sprinted 20m, 40m, 60m, 80m and finally 100m  – 2 times. While coming back, we were supposed to jog back, I could just walk back.

The entire session was very hard, but I am glad I managed to sustain it. This is my first session, where I didn’t keep smiling for long. With my stretched muscles, I don’t feel any soreness as of now – but I only hope the same will happen after tonight’s rest.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Podcast Review : The English We Speak

A worthy podcast on english. Find it on iTunes guys, and listen. The podcasts are weekly, and 3 minutes long. Pretty impressed. Now, don’t tell me you don’t have 3 minutes to listen ? 🙂

Here you go, for the link :

Another noteworthy podcast is :

This is awesome too!!

Give a try, and keep learning. When you mindlessly surf internet or keep repeatedly listening that stupid song, for a change – listen to an episode. Trust me, it’s addictive.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!