Book Review : Blind faith


I finished reading this novel by Ben Elton, yesterday morning. While doing do, I missed my bus stop and realized only after 2 more were gone.

So, you know the end is interesting. How about the story and narration? Let’s go into more details.

This book is set in a period of time where people have blind faith in god, believe that they are the most beautiful creations of god and do not hesitate to show off physically or mentally. Privacy is a crime , afterall what is not there to share – unless it’s a shameful thing. For which, the temple punishes so cruelly tat no body will ever think of questioning the blind faith.

The beginning is very awkward with the detailed descriptions of human flesh everywhere , and the author takes almost 40% of the book to engage the reader in. Once trafford gets his baby vaccinated, book takes interesting turns. The biggest twist of all is Sandra dee , who acts as a temple hater, but in reality is police spy working for temple. In the end, when the temple burns trafford alive – and when he sees seeds of the revolution he’s planted, all we can do as readers is to sigh deeply and hope that one say such society will be extinct.

There is dark humor everywhere, sarcasm is sprinkled throughout the book. It depicts that – the way people are sharing things on Facebook, YouTube, blogs and community channels, one day will come when privacy will be a crime, by law.

The way people are eating cakes, and other goodies loaded with fructose syrups, one day will come when that is all anybody would eat, by law.

Fairly easy read, it took me one week to finish, reading almost 1/2 hour everyday. The book is about 320 pages, and if you want suspense, drama or action right from page 1 – don’t even look at this one.

If you are like me- who doesn’t mind reading as long as the basic plot looks interesting and can withstand few Boring sections in an otherwise good book, and psychologically cannot stop reading the book to its end once you start it – pick this one, and read it till the end. Trust me, the best part of the book is really in the ending portions.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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