Why to attend birthday parties?

Part of my weekend was spent in attending my colleague son’s 2nd birthday party. My brother’s son and sister’s daughter are celebrating their birthdays in this week.

Happy birthday to everyone! 🙂


As I look at the decorations, food and fun in the parties these days – my mind kept on thinking and thinking the same thing. Before I go to a party – atleast i make a mental note that i am presentable, carry a present and have fun through out. After spending 4 hours on commute to attend the birthday party – there must be some reason why I went there. Yes, i didn’t wanted to look bad because she is a dear friend of mine at work. But, there is a secret, and much better motive.

The most important thing when attending birthday parties is to wish them a very happy birthday. Yes, I know we do it all the time. How about, wishing them really really well from deep down our hearts, rather than paying lip service to the hosts of the party?

That’s precisely the reason why people invite you. Yes, these days it’s more of social status to celebrate birthdays – but celebrations are done for a reason. Large number of people come, and bless you. Atleast a portion of them would bless you from their pure heart, and that will go a long way in ensuring your well-being, and their blessings will guard your happy heart to remain happy.

Spend some time, alone – close your eyes and wish the person a very happy birthday. 

Wish that, they really live a long life, healthy one, fun filled one and may their dangers die.

Wish with all the love you have, the purest of your hearts.

Open your eyes, and then go into the birthday party.

I did this, for the birthday boy whose function I attended on saturday. It’s amazing how good it feels. I will do the same for every birthday/ every happy occasion I am invited for. Just because, that’s why I am invited for.

If you really really cannot wish good for that person from the bottom of your heart, wouldn’t it be good to excuse yourself rather than pay lip service and have some free snacks? Just give a thought.

Practising wishing well from couple of days now, It’s most certain that when you wish others good, you feel good. And what stops us from feeling good? Just go for it.

And next time when you are invited for a party – make sure you dress well, gift well, eat well, party well and wish well.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

2 thoughts on “Why to attend birthday parties?”

  1. It’s easy to slip into routines and rituals and forget why you really do it. Birthday parties are one of those rituals! You just go, because you’re invited or because you think it’s what people do… but you’re right, it is important to stop and think about why you are really there.

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