Trick to say goodbye to your daughter

After a few times my dear daughter saanvi cried at the top of her voice – when I told her I was going to office , my husband Vinod had an awesome idea – why not bring her to balcony, and we come downstairs and wave her?

I listened to this suggestion, and wanted to try today.


Saanvi started telling me, when she saw me wearing the woolen coat. I told her that yes, mamma is going to office and she can see me from the balcony. And her grand dad was waiting to hold her, ready.

For few seconds – she considered the idea and then she burst into tears.

“taani taaani…”

And she started to get her shoes to wear. I assured her, that momma would wave her once she gets downstairs. I quickly take my way out.

Waiting for the lift, I can hear her cry. My heart becomes water, enough to accommodate 100 thirsty people. Eyes have their share too – by just getting moist. Everytime I tell her I am going and stand at my apartment lift – my heart sinks to hear her cry. But, she is growing up and I should not be the one holding her back.

I come downstairs and she’s peeping down. I wave goodbye and give her a flying kiss. And walk to the bus station.
When I call her 5 minutes later, she’s busy repairing some non-broken things at home. A big sigh of relief.

I’m no expert at handling kids. But, if you have a little one whom you leave at home while you go to work, you can try these tips:
1. Prepare yourself that she will cry. But, it’s emotionally good for her to know that her parents are gone and will be back on the evening. So, the cry is worth the effort for both of you.
2. Pick a day where she preferably had breakfast with you, and is in a good mood. That’s how even adults want the bad news, isn’t it?
3. Tell her you are leaving, an just leave. she will cry, but do not consider coming back. You are making it harder for north of you. Once She knows mamma will come back if she cries hard enough, you know what is coming next.
4. Put her favorite program on TV or laptop it give her favorite things before you go.
5. After few attempts, tell her that you will wave to her, once mamma reaches downstairs.
6. Call her after a while and talk to her. Tell her that you will be back in the evening. Give her tasks to do. Today saanvi’s task was to make round chapati using playdoh.

Saanvi is 21 months old. If you have someone around that age group, I hope these tips will be useful to you

Have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

2 thoughts on “Trick to say goodbye to your daughter”

  1. Bagundira!
    Pillalu alage untaaru.
    We used to manage 3 kids. Ofcourse your mother used to take care. But you all are more attached to me most of the times when i back home from office!
    Enjoy the childhood of kid!
    There is no substitute for mother in this world!
    Be proud being a mother!!!!

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