Book Review – Eat.Pray.Love.

Really, I have mixed thoughts about writing this review. Really, In fact i found myself reading as 2 different people at different stages of the book. But, nothing can stop me from writing what i really feel, atleast here.


So, here goes my two reviews of the book:

Review 1:  Imagining myself in the role of the author.

This one was very intense. The author speaks as herself throughout the book. In Italy, she eats a lot, and reads newspapers while drinking cappuccino.There is lot of description on the aesthetic beauty of Italy and how Italians embrace doing nothing. I liked the way she roams around and has a carefree life.

In India, the intense meditation sessions and imagining to sit through the whole of it is soo hard. She makes through it, and claims to see kundalini shakti and turiya… a state of ultimate bliss. If only I could do that too…

In Indonesia,while befriending the medicine man & woman – and flirting with a brazilian : that’s the best possible ending for year long trip of self discovery.

The cultural details of each place are so explored in detail that you can almost feel your presence in these situations , atleast i did. I was happy when Elizabeth ate gelatinos, sad when she was suffering on the bathroom floor with loneliness and depression, healed when she finished her meditation sessions and romantic when she was flirting with the brazilian. Ofcourse, given my innate talent for adopting the characters i read/see,  this is expected.

All in all, that was a bumpy ride but not less enjoyable than hiking to the top of your favourite mountain unprepared.

Rating: 4.5/5

Review 2 – As a spectator to the lady who eats in Italy, prays in India and loves in Indonesia

The very first though that comes to my mind is : How can somebody mess up their life so much, that they have to abandon their current life, and go searching for peace of mind? I could never do that. Yeah, very true – for someone who has limited boundaries of life and does not do far exciting things in her daily routine. very true – for some one who has stuck to one man throughout her life. It’s good to put this book , as a western lady’s search for life. As an eastern woman, it’s hard to relate that she’s never been without a man in all her teenage and adulthood.

It’s easy to see that this woman has guts, and is very endearing. Given that she’s an author of 3 famous books – the words come naturally and so from the heart that – you’ll love her for the frank and honest opinions she writes. On the other hand, the kind of things she encounters when she’s in the year long journey – I’d say she’s been very lucky. I’ve read countless reports of foreigners being raped in India and couple of Indonesian stories as well. And would like to believe that, Italy is no heaven as well. The tandem speech exchange partners and the reference friends – works only for a selected few. I’m glad they worked for the author.

All is well that ends well. In the end, when the author signs off , happy that she built house for an indonesian medicine woman and she found the love of her life – I’m happy for her, no matter how hard or easy or unnecessary her journey was.

It’s a chick lit – If you are fiction or heavy-subject reader –  just avoid it.

If you are in mood for reading someone doing weird things and telling you personally about it – Go for it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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