Run update

Average. Target was 4.0km, at a speed of 6.8. I ran from 0.3 to 3.3, after which I really couldn’t push myself anymore. To compensate, I just brisk walked the rest at a speed of 6.5.

Today is the last day of practise for my 4k on Sunday. Rather, last day on treadmill. Just want to go and run outdoors once before the actual run. I hate that it’s getting colder in Sydney.

Other random things about running:
1. Now, I see myself running comfortably for 2km before my mind starts looking at the stats. Once I start peeking at the stats, it’s becoming hard to keep going. Being a good math student, I do all the calculations and start telling myself that the target is too much to achieve.
2. Recebtly, I clipped an article to Evernote that talks About the five stretches runners should do. Isn’t it funny that I remember the article only when I enter the gym?
3. It feels more of stress at my butt, rather than my legs. As if, I’m running with my back, not my legs.
4. It’s true that running clears up your mind. I confirmed some weird things about myself this morning. Now, whether I will work on those or not – that’s a different story. Atleast I know the image I am portraying to other people.
5. As my good friend says – you need to have strong passion and you should have fun with what you are doing. Only then, it will stick with you in longer run. I know that I want to keep running on my life long list of habits – how to get passion and fun?? Right now, it all seems hard work and lots of sweat.


Didn’t realize it’s become such a long post. Have a good day and keep rocking!!


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