Tips to deal with interrupting people

This one is really pending from longtime, in my drafts.

Not long back, I had someone at work, who made sure he interrupted when I was trying to communicate the status of my work.

As per my usual reaction, I first held him wrong in my thoughts. But, then I thought that you cannot have a clap without two. So, even if it’s 1%, there is something I was doing wrong. I discussed with my dear hubby, who is the person with highest EQ I have ever met.

“So, are you loud enough?”

I wasn’t. Not as loud as my colleague.

“Do you think he is doing on purpose??”

Not really. He’s been here for more tins than me, and he is not really insecure of what i am doing.

“Do you think, that is how he is, in normal conversations with you? Does he overtake you ALL the time???”

Bam. NO. He has a tendency to make sure he is in the spotlight, but that’s how he generally is nothing specific to me.

Good. And now, my husband Asks me not to worry. That’s his way of saying that the topic really doesnt deserve any brain cell occupancy at all. Given my famous attitude to mull over things, I hold it back for couple of more days.

Next time-
1. I talk more louder and clearer
2.if he takes over, observe that he is actually covering me up in front of senior execs
3. He had ego, which needs brushing from time to time.

So, not entirely him and not entirely me. Really, we are equal contributors.

Next time someone interrupts your speaking, think twice before you put then in enemy list.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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