The day I told my daughter THE TRUTH

I planned to write a book review in today’s blog post – but something more important has taken over that slot. Telling my daughter THE TRUTH – that mommy will be gone in the morning only to return in the evening.

She is 21 months old. My in-laws take care of her. While they distract her with great expertise, usually I sneak out of the door. I call her in the afternoon and ask her where mommy is.


Her word for office. After reading couple of things on the web, I learnt that she should know where mommy’s going and I should not be sneaking out. However, I didn’t want to see my daughter cry – so I still continued sneaking.


Today, is the day. From an hour now, she is clung to me exactly like lizard is to wall. I tried all get usual tricks, but she kept insisting that my hands be with her’s so I wouldn’t go away. She didn’t even let my in-laws to touch her.

That’s when I got up, picked my handbag and said – “saanvi, mommy’s going to office. Keep your phone ready and I will call you as soon as I got down the lift.”

As I said this, my heart beat was steadily raising, predicting what get response would be. And mommy’s never wrong. Her face turned from white to red, and tears started like a leaking tap. But, she didn’t stop me from going. I thinks she was still understanding what i meant, but she saw mommy was going.

I came down by lift, and called home. My mother in law, worried.

“she is been crying nonstop. You shouldn’t have told her. ”

I can hear saanvi crying to the best of her voice and abilities, in the background.

She wasn’t in a mood to answer my phone. So, I told them – put on skype. I can show my face to her.

“ok” – and the phone hung.

It’s 8:25 AM in the morning. And I was walking to the bus stop.

Common , be a good girl. You need atleast 5 minutes to connect. So, I started walking more faster,with my head in my boots.

8:30 AM.

No body’s online in skype. My hands are itching.

It’s like waiting , after you made your first ever love proposal. Will he, will he not? Should I call him?

8:31 AM

Oh come on, she is my daughter. I am worried if she is still crying. I am so heartless, I should have sneaked out.

8:32 AM

why on the earth they need 7 minutes to get online? I dont understand. May be she’s still crying hard.

8:33 AM

That’s it. Now, I need to know what’s happening. I make the dreaded phone call.

My mother in law – “she’s stopped crying. We put her the ABC videos on YouTube ”

I am soooooo relieved. I ask her, if I can talk to saanvi.

“may be she’ll cry again hearing your voice” – with worry in her voice.

I assure her that she won’t cry again and my daughter gets to speak.

“ammaaa nannaa …”

I say hello saanvi and ask her what is she busy with.

“A B C…..”

good, I tell her. And then I ask her usual afternoon question – where is mommy gone?


A big sigh of relief, I board my bus to work.

A great round of applause to all the mothers who drop their kids at day care, tell them they are going to work – only leaving crying baby behind.

I hope I can do that one day. I am not sure how tomorrow’s going to be.

That’s all for now folks, have a good day and keep rocking!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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