Shahrukh Khan speech at Yale

The badshah of Bollywood, dearly called as king khan was has been named Chubb fellow, at Yale university on April 12, 2012. He is one of my favorite actors in Indian cinema. For whom, I stood 3 hours to catch a glimpse during zee cine awards in Singapore.

I listened to his speech at Yale couple of days ago – and found it funny and informative. The Q & A section is more interesting than the speech. The portion where people conclude that he have Germans permission to cry is hilarious.

Of all, one question stuck in my mind as I have member arguing the same topic with dear hubby quite number of times.

Question asked by nikhil sud: how can one be happy, if they are not pursuing their creative interests? Lot of people know what they want, but the practicalities of real world are not to be forgotten. E.g., bills, etc.
Answer by shahrukh : It’s an easy question. It’s not glamorous to be creative, poor and hungry. You owe it to yourself, your parents and your education so far. Take up your current job, earn money. If you are unhappy, go to the bathroom and have a good cry. And don’t forget to save the money. And when you are in a position to make a choice of entering creative field, do not cheat yourself.

That’s king khan and his solid piece of advise. When I heard this, I failed to understand how can my dear husband have exactly the sand opinion and managed to convince me through our the years? Smart, indeed.

If you want to read the entire speech :

If you are visual type instead, please install iTunes on your computer.

Search “shah rukh khan : Advice for Life”. Watch the entire speech & the Q & A section.















For those who do not have their creative aha moment yet, here’s my suggestion :

1. Pick up any thing that interests you.
2. Do it for 21 days, even if do not like it.
3. Check if you are having fun, and you would still do if no body’s watching you on it.
4. If yes, continue.
5. If no, go back to step 1.

It’s not easy , I know. I have not tried too many things in life, because of my sheer laziness. I have given up on some, because I did not enjoy them.

Currently, I have only two things going on in my life, apart from my daily mandatory routine :

1. Blogging : I enjoy blogging with WordPress. Most of my days have gone by, with 0 visits, but I don’t think I care about it. I just enjoy writing my blog.
2. Running : I saw so many people running and to me , a runner is a physically and mentally strong person. With average marks in both areas, I want to really be a long distance runner. The amazing running playlist IA helping me. But, I cannot say now that I really enjoy running. I try to. Practise is the key. If I do not enjoy running by december 2012, I will understand that it’s time to pick up a new one – yoga or kick boxing.

A rare lengthy post, by my standards.

Thoughts are for flowing
Words are for pressing
Giving you the solace you’re requesting
Finally, WordPress is working
Ting ting ting

Hahaha, if you are here after reading the stupid rhyme above, congratulations. You get a big hug from me.

Have a good day and keep rocking!!!

Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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