Run update : mini achievement

My first mini achievement in running. 30 minutes non stop. I am proud of myself. From last December where I could not run more than a minute, today I ran 30 minutes non stop. Ok, theses are the conditions;
2. 6.5 speed through out
3. Super motivating playlist

What my critical mind keeps telling me is that, this is not really an achievement. Can somebody( preferably myself) ask it to shut up? I know that it’s easier to run on treadmill and this doesn’t mean that I can run outdoors for 30 minutes, but earlier I was far from running 30 minutes on treadmill. So, just going ahead and congratulating myself.

Past few days I was not running a lot, so my brain and body were going back to pre excercise days. I started eating junk, sleeping more and act lazy. Today morning was no different, except I got up before the alarm went off and waited till 6, for the gym to open. The first 10 minutes I didn’t want to run , but slowly I picked up the pace and just kept running to T.I., Eminem and soulja boy.

Want to keep this consistent for 3 times more, before I increase the pace/distance or anything enough to bring my little self confidence on running down.



2 thoughts on “Run update : mini achievement

  1. I think that is an awesome achievement and you should be very proud of yourself! 30 minutes of straight running from nothing in a fe months is a great accomplishment. Reward yourself. πŸ™‚

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