The luna park, Sydney – experienced!

Today, we went to Luna park. Because of my little daughter, we got Sunday funday passes at $2.5 each. This park is located at milson’s point reachable by all means of public transport. We took train while arriving and ferry during departing from Luna park.

The best part is free entry. I was bored of rides, my daughter was young and the others were simply not interested. So, the free entry was good, so we can see what’s inside.

If you have kids >; 2 years, take them and buy a red man ticket. They will love the kids-only rides behind looney island. My daughter kept insisting that she sit on the rides, and I bought her a ticket. However, she didn’t enjoy going alone on rides, without us around. So, even if the height permits and your baby insists, do think twice. They may not actually be ready.

I personally felt that, 3 rides (regret for forgetting the names ) were good enuff for adventurous elders. The elders ticket costs at $40, you can save some money by booking online.

There’s plenty of place to sit, relax and lot of game stalls. We played a few, and the last one gave us a big big balloooon, which we spent half an hour filling, once reached home.

All in all, don’t expect a Disneyland. If you stay in a reasonable distance and have kids, just come around for couple of hours. You will not regret. In any case you did, circular quay is one stop away.

Have fun and keep rocking!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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