Boot camp: Week 1 day 2

With my legs and whole body sore, this is one event i was least looking forward to. But, I went anyway. Today’ session was Boxing.  We were taking turns – kicking and defending. 5 rounds of kicking and 5 round of defending. 2 sets. In the rest time between rounds, the kickers did pushups /situps and defenders did running. So, today’s boot camp session targetted my only okay-portion of the body – shoulders.

My partner & the coach were extremely encouraging and I had fun for the whole hour. I would do it, again just for fun. At a point, I was amazed at myself that I could do the whole session.

Expecting my soreness to become more and more in the coming 2-3 days. Hopefully, I’ll be back – fit and ready for my next bootcamp session.


Book Review : Blind faith


I finished reading this novel by Ben Elton, yesterday morning. While doing do, I missed my bus stop and realized only after 2 more were gone.

So, you know the end is interesting. How about the story and narration? Let’s go into more details.

This book is set in a period of time where people have blind faith in god, believe that they are the most beautiful creations of god and do not hesitate to show off physically or mentally. Privacy is a crime , afterall what is not there to share – unless it’s a shameful thing. For which, the temple punishes so cruelly tat no body will ever think of questioning the blind faith.

The beginning is very awkward with the detailed descriptions of human flesh everywhere , and the author takes almost 40% of the book to engage the reader in. Once trafford gets his baby vaccinated, book takes interesting turns. The biggest twist of all is Sandra dee , who acts as a temple hater, but in reality is police spy working for temple. In the end, when the temple burns trafford alive – and when he sees seeds of the revolution he’s planted, all we can do as readers is to sigh deeply and hope that one say such society will be extinct.

There is dark humor everywhere, sarcasm is sprinkled throughout the book. It depicts that – the way people are sharing things on Facebook, YouTube, blogs and community channels, one day will come when privacy will be a crime, by law.

The way people are eating cakes, and other goodies loaded with fructose syrups, one day will come when that is all anybody would eat, by law.

Fairly easy read, it took me one week to finish, reading almost 1/2 hour everyday. The book is about 320 pages, and if you want suspense, drama or action right from page 1 – don’t even look at this one.

If you are like me- who doesn’t mind reading as long as the basic plot looks interesting and can withstand few Boring sections in an otherwise good book, and psychologically cannot stop reading the book to its end once you start it – pick this one, and read it till the end. Trust me, the best part of the book is really in the ending portions.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!

Bootcamp : Week 1 Day 1

Just to ensure I can play with my daughter as long as she plays with me, and i can carry her around the city when she is sleeping, while doing my regular house hold chores and other usual stuff, I signed up for boot camps.  Their website is here: It’s an 8 week program – starts today and ends on 19-July. I would record my experiences here, so that I can look back and grin 🙂

Today, it was not bad. Bodyweights followed by interval running. And then, running and more running. I did squats,  burpees, squat jumps and push ups as part of body weights. Enjoyed the boot camp moment. While running on grass, I felt so good – as if I was waiting to do these kind of sessions from so long.

And Group activity – it helped me not so stop. Looking forward for my day 2 – which is on Thursday. As a beginner runner, I was running  on treadmill. So, most of the muscles used for running were already stretched for me, and I did not really feel any pain or discomfort. Rather, I chose to do things at my own pace. My friends at boot camp told me, that today was rather easy session. Hopefully, I can sustain the harder ones.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Why to attend birthday parties?

Part of my weekend was spent in attending my colleague son’s 2nd birthday party. My brother’s son and sister’s daughter are celebrating their birthdays in this week.

Happy birthday to everyone! 🙂


As I look at the decorations, food and fun in the parties these days – my mind kept on thinking and thinking the same thing. Before I go to a party – atleast i make a mental note that i am presentable, carry a present and have fun through out. After spending 4 hours on commute to attend the birthday party – there must be some reason why I went there. Yes, i didn’t wanted to look bad because she is a dear friend of mine at work. But, there is a secret, and much better motive.

The most important thing when attending birthday parties is to wish them a very happy birthday. Yes, I know we do it all the time. How about, wishing them really really well from deep down our hearts, rather than paying lip service to the hosts of the party?

That’s precisely the reason why people invite you. Yes, these days it’s more of social status to celebrate birthdays – but celebrations are done for a reason. Large number of people come, and bless you. Atleast a portion of them would bless you from their pure heart, and that will go a long way in ensuring your well-being, and their blessings will guard your happy heart to remain happy.

Spend some time, alone – close your eyes and wish the person a very happy birthday. 

Wish that, they really live a long life, healthy one, fun filled one and may their dangers die.

Wish with all the love you have, the purest of your hearts.

Open your eyes, and then go into the birthday party.

I did this, for the birthday boy whose function I attended on saturday. It’s amazing how good it feels. I will do the same for every birthday/ every happy occasion I am invited for. Just because, that’s why I am invited for.

If you really really cannot wish good for that person from the bottom of your heart, wouldn’t it be good to excuse yourself rather than pay lip service and have some free snacks? Just give a thought.

Practising wishing well from couple of days now, It’s most certain that when you wish others good, you feel good. And what stops us from feeling good? Just go for it.

And next time when you are invited for a party – make sure you dress well, gift well, eat well, party well and wish well.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


Satyamev Jayate: Aamir’s take on India’s most dangerous disease

Today, after a particularly hectic sunday – I watched the 4th episode of “Satyamev Jayate” – Truth alone prevails. This one, attacks the malpractices in Indian Hospitals and lot of shocking news.

We all knew this : Doctors take commission for everything, write unnecessary tests, do surgeries to meet their monthly savings and what not. Normal people have nowhere to go – government hospitals are good for nothing and private hospitals are full of lies and exaggerations. It is sad that Indian government spends 1.4% of the budget for healthcare. In fact, I would say – shameful.

The current country where I stay – Australia, I heard that health care is free for its citizens. Isn’t that really awesome. I would really think that, Australians are really lucky people. At least people don’t die because they cannot afford medicines.

You can watch the episode here :

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!