Run update

After my last run on Sunday, my legs ached. And they lasted for one whole day. So, Monday was just some stretching. I was surprised that stretching can make me sweat as well.

Ok, back to today. After getting up at 6, I was telling myself that I will skip today, but I got my socks out of the closet anyway. Went to the gym, and started my run. I had a goal of 3 km, including warm up. The first 0.3 km was warmup, and then I started running at speed of 6.5 and incline of 1. I lasted until 1.8 km – which is pretty decent. I wanted to give up. After 1.5 km, but I kept telling myself that I will quit once I run 0.1 km more and it made me to run 0.3 km more. But, once I stopped at 1:8 and started running at 2.0 km, my body was SOOOOO resistant to run. After the eminem song and all my mental motivation, I ran only 0.3 km. and then walked all the way until 3.0 km. tad disappointed with my performance after 1.8 km today.

I know that my body is ready to run. It’s fit and it has gotten used to the rhythm of running. But, why am I not runnning, once I take pause?

To overcome this, I am gonna do two Things:
1. Carry water bottle and drink whenever I pause
2. Mentally, imagine myself running from 1.8 to 3 km a lot of times so that it looks achievable to me on the treadmill.

Let’s see how it goes. Have a great day and keep rocking!!



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