More changes


Yesterday evening, I went to the gym. At 6.5 km/hr, I was able to run just for 1.25 km. the rest, I just brisk walked. Shame on me.

When I was searching for weight loss motivations on google today, I came across an article that says top 10 reasons why one would not lose weight.

I resonated perfectly with reason 5 – not trying hard enough. After a late-from-work day today, I am at the bus stop from 20 minutes now. I kept thinking, why I was sitting in the office all alone from 6 pm until 8 pm. There’s an urgency on my task but surely no body’s going to kill me if I went home. But, I stayed and completed work to a logical stop. I questioned myself why. Because I don’t leave things midway – that’s not my style. I reminded myself often how I am praised by my bosses for being meticulous and hanging there till the very end. So, why am I not doing the same in terms of my workouts???

A deep breath and a sheepish smile. Now, I knew. As I think, I see myself repeating this behavior all over my life – not giving up and hanging there till the end.

So, a second thought shift is in place now – just include fitness in your daily habit list. I just need to keep reminding myself that I never give up , why now???


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