Necessary changes

Over the past few weeks, I have nearly read 200-250 articles on weight loss, and all the excercises that go with it.

There is a great deal of benefit in reading about things you want to do. You’ll find that you are not alone, and lot of people write about the things unanswered for you. It keeps you motivated, more importantly to break down the useless myths you had regarding yourself all your life.

Mine was – I can never lose weight. Its mostly bone weight and not water. So, it’s stubborn fat and I cannot get to lose it. I just have to live with it all my life. I hate these extra pounds, and I have no option.
Reality : my thinking is 20% true. I have less water to lose, which would not let me lose a lot of calories in the initial stage. I never excercised, except walking. Not even brisk walking.
New attitude: I am like everybody else. Weight loss is not easy. If I eat right things and excercise everyday, I WILL LOSE WEIGHT. I may take longer without the professional help, but I will lose it. The Internet is my all-in-one.

I believe this attitude will surely do me wonders because the first step to losing weight is believing that you can lose weight by putting hard work like anybody else.

Also when I think of the areas I excel at life, it’s because of the enormous hours and dedication I put in them. Should try to replicate the same thing with fitness and see.

On a side note, my dear daughter woke up at 4:45 AM and just kept playing until 6 AM, which naturally moved my workout to the evening. Can’t wait to go to the gym and see how I run those km’s off.

Hope all’s well with you all – have a great day and keep rocking!!


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