Sydney smart – boarding a bus

Yeah yeah , I know. We all boarded the school, college and all other buses through out our life, so what am I talking about?

It all comes down to board the bus, without being frustrated at the waiting time at the bus stop. And being magically there, just when the bus arrives. This piece of information is for everyday bus boarders like me. I take the bus towards city- 480/483 and it really has no fixed timing. Or rather, the bus doesn’t really respect the schedule. So, on an average my waiting time is about 20 minutes, and I travel for 20 minutes in the bus. Not fair.

Here’s why I just admire Steve jobs. If you name it, you have it on the app store. I just googled a bit, and downloaded an app – TXT My Bus.
It’s amazing. Using GPS, it tracks down the exact bus stop where you are standing, and you can request for the upcoming bus schedule. It sends an SMS on your behalf to 0488 898 287. Within a second, you get the bus schedule.

Given my lazy nature, now I don’t go to the app. I just SMS, before leaving my work. And time it such that I magically appear just in time at the bus stop 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? If buses are your main way of transport in Sydney, you will thank me for this free app.

Have a good day, and keep rocking!!


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