Upcoming 4k and other things

This post is really meant to make no sense to anyone, except me.

I signed up for 4k black town fun run on 20th may 2012. So far, my greatest achievement is to be able to run 15 min on treadmill. When I looked at the 2011 run times, the last person did it in 25 minutes. I am really worried today, not sure if I will be the only one running after a while on the track.

I downloaded the endomondo free app today, to help me with the run stats. I think, I should also start running on the road so that I doubt stop staring at myself on the run day.

The run venue is about an hour and half from my place – terrible. I didn’t look this up when I was signing up the race.

Also, I was thinking of what all to carry for my first run. I would need water, and I dont want to run with water bottle in my hand.

Can I ask for a magic genie come to me and answer all my questions? No amount of theory is helping me at the moment.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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