Difference between table spoon and tea spoon

I cook, and fairly decently. Most of my measurements are intuitive and i measure by my hand. And so far for all the recipes I picked up growing up – the hand measurements never went wrong.

Enter Internet, and the whole range of innovative recipes waiting for me to try. Usually, I would take a print out, go home and try it. And all the measurements are in tea spoons or table spoon.

So, I usually use my brain and convert them into hand measurements.  That’s still guesswork. It makes sense for me to understand what the recipe author is trying to tell me – so I searched the Internet for difference between table spoon and tea spoon.


* from wikipedia








* From wikipedia
















Good, now you already know 🙂 Now, for the measurements:


Another interesting tidbit.

TABLESPOON is also fondly abbreviated as “tbsp”

TEA SPOON is also as “tsp”.

So, all my culinary experimentors and food enthusiasts, keep this in mind while trying recipes from Internet.

That way, you’ll save yourself , your food guests and the recipe author – all 3 at the same time !: )

Have a good day, keep rocking…


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