Review of the wellness guys podcast

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Okay, after listening to bevan’s fitness behavior podcast – I am convinced that there are good people out there, who really want to help others achieve things. However, the goodness once a month is not enough for me. When I started looking at top picks in fitness category in iTunes, came across this podcast. It runs weekly, and is conducted by top 3 chiropractors in Australia. The show runs for about half an hour, so it’s easy to listen to at one go. Listened to a couple of their podcasts, I will fit them in bevan’s do- good team as well. Extremely informative and quirky, they cover all areas of wellness. The one that particularly caught my attention was “office stress”. After sitting at the office desk for lot of years now, I had developed quite unhealthy posture. Now. In this podcast – I have the docs confirming that as well.

One of the immediate changes I made to my posture is:

to sit with both legs parallel to each other and touching the ground

Today is my 3rd day of this change.  The first day, I had to be really really conscious – and my legs really curled up and went back to their original posture every few hours. Second day was the same. But, today – I can see myself sitting comfortably. I noticed that, when sitting in this position, it is better to keep legs a bit away from your body, rather than trying to forcefully sit in the 90 degree precision. It helps.

Along with this, I’ve been trying  to keep my backbone straight, which is a failure so far.  Thinking of starting slow, may be  1 hour a day. But, with my long term goal of meditation & pranayama, learning to stay on straight backbone would be a good thing to do.

You can find the website here :

Back to the review.  I would rate them 5/5,  importantly for the below reasons :

> Quality & time of the show content

> Backgrounds of the hosts

> Weekly podcast

> Being busy, dedication to devote time & effort to increase wellness awareness among general public.

Great job guys, keep rocking!!







Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

2 thoughts on “Review of the wellness guys podcast”

  1. I was the same and started listening to The Wellness Guys a few weeks ago and have got through most of the catalogue, I am hooked!!! Brett, Damian & Laurence are three fantastic, inspiring, sharing guys!

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