My first short black

I have sweet tooth. Or most probably, that’s what people told me from my childhood and I trust it blindly. Every morning, I go to a cafe opposite my office and select the coffee I am going to drink that day. Yesterday, in a particularly energetic mood – I looked hard at the menu and said -‘one short black, please’.

As asked, I got it.

Much as I expected, It was really really black. To gain some motivation, I googled on the benefits of black coffee. Found out that, it is one of aussie’s favorite drinks. Now, I am very certain that gulab jamuns won’t be on the menu – any day I invite any Aussie to my home. Back to the point, I tried drinking a sip, and it was very bitter.

Every sip I took, my body shivered strangely. I think it is it’s own way of telling me to stop. After drinking about 75%, I threw the rest away, and sweetened my mouth with couple of saltened cashew nuts.

My experiment told me one thing – I really have sweet tooth. Or, I should keep drinking black coffee until I get used to it. I would prefer the first one.

On a side note, came across this website zen to fitness while searching for benefits of black coffee. Really zen like, it has average reading time mentioned for each article. Quite creative and impressive. Take a look, if you have time.



Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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