Jack Johnson and his banana pancakes

Off late, due to my new found interest in WordPress, I have been reading heaps of blogs. One of them I read recently, had a post on 10 songs to brighten up your day. I started listening and stopped at “broken” by jack Johnson. I listened repeatedly. That’s it. Never managed to finish the entire list. Googled him, and found out that banana pancakes was one of his hit songs. So, I just started listening one week ago, and I am still listening to the only song. Just fell in love with it. The guitar notes in the beginning are just awesome, they manage to put the song in perspective.

I’m not from an English speaking country and as with lotta people out there, I do not understand lyrics of these English songs. So, I do the best thing possible – just stay away from them.

However,my passion for Jacky’s banana pancakes became so strong that it forced me to do 2 things:

Eat banana pancakes. Fairly easy, for someone living in Sydney.

Download “lyricwiki” app on my iPhone. Easiest for all iPhone users.

Some quick notes on the app. It stores all the lyrics and immensely helps English-song-hearing-newbie like me. You can open the lyric, and then listen the song. All it takes a couple of rounds and you’d be set to listen the song directly. Just one thing – you’ll kneed wifi. I’m assuming that if you have an iPhone, you obviously have access to wifi. 😉

All said and done, now l’m thinking if I should go ahead and buy his album containing banana pancakes OR listen all his songs and selectively purchase each one from the Internet.

Good day guys, and keep rocking !!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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