What I want from my daughter

This particular thought process kept occurring to me every now and then, through out my day. So, I thought I should pen it down.

Few of my friends are in unhappy marriages. And by unhappy, they have lost freedom and identity as a person. When I take the time to listen to them, they tell me that – they knew that the guy was not right for them during their period between engagement and marriage. Their intuitions told them. Mind you, all these girls are around 25 yes, have a post graduate education and few years of work experience as well. So, my next logical question to them- then, why did you go ahead and marry him? The answers vary – the underlying meaning is the same. They never trusted their intuitions. They never shared their feeling with anybody else. They never thought that, this incompatibility could ruin their life. And, trust me it did.

On the other hand, I know quite few people who have ruined their life’s equally by doing just the opposite- listening to their intuitions too much, and never listening to people’s advise.

Take my case. There have been few instances in my life where I told my opinions to my parents, but respected their decision in the end. But then, there is also my marriage decision where I just went ahead with my gut, and they supported me. Even though I was good at knowing my intuitions, I still respected and considered other people’s opinions. I am lucky to have this attitude towards life, atleast I think so.

I am an Indian, currently staying in Sydney. When I look at the local girls here, I see them as highly confident, and strong willed. Indian upbringing places too much emphasis on respecting elders bullshit that, children always remain children. The lucky ones, parents realize that the children are grown up and convert their status to friends.

Many of my friends have kids. They often keep telling me on how their kid has an opinion and would not change it for anything. His would these kids turn out in the future?

I want my daughter to trust her intuitions at every point of her life. And, take opinions from parents and have the capability to give good thought before taking decisions. In fact, as a girl – this would be her biggest challenge.


Upcoming 4k and other things

This post is really meant to make no sense to anyone, except me.

I signed up for 4k black town fun run on 20th may 2012. So far, my greatest achievement is to be able to run 15 min on treadmill. When I looked at the 2011 run times, the last person did it in 25 minutes. I am really worried today, not sure if I will be the only one running after a while on the track.

I downloaded the endomondo free app today, to help me with the run stats. I think, I should also start running on the road so that I doubt stop staring at myself on the run day.

The run venue is about an hour and half from my place – terrible. I didn’t look this up when I was signing up the race.

Also, I was thinking of what all to carry for my first run. I would need water, and I dont want to run with water bottle in my hand.

Can I ask for a magic genie come to me and answer all my questions? No amount of theory is helping me at the moment.

Review of the wellness guys podcast

Average Reading time:  4 minutes

Okay, after listening to bevan’s fitness behavior podcast – I am convinced that there are good people out there, who really want to help others achieve things. However, the goodness once a month is not enough for me. When I started looking at top picks in fitness category in iTunes, came across this podcast. It runs weekly, and is conducted by top 3 chiropractors in Australia. The show runs for about half an hour, so it’s easy to listen to at one go. Listened to a couple of their podcasts, I will fit them in bevan’s do- good team as well. Extremely informative and quirky, they cover all areas of wellness. The one that particularly caught my attention was “office stress”. After sitting at the office desk for lot of years now, I had developed quite unhealthy posture. Now. In this podcast – I have the docs confirming that as well.

One of the immediate changes I made to my posture is:

to sit with both legs parallel to each other and touching the ground

Today is my 3rd day of this change.  The first day, I had to be really really conscious – and my legs really curled up and went back to their original posture every few hours. Second day was the same. But, today – I can see myself sitting comfortably. I noticed that, when sitting in this position, it is better to keep legs a bit away from your body, rather than trying to forcefully sit in the 90 degree precision. It helps.

Along with this, I’ve been trying  to keep my backbone straight, which is a failure so far.  Thinking of starting slow, may be  1 hour a day. But, with my long term goal of meditation & pranayama, learning to stay on straight backbone would be a good thing to do.

You can find the website here :http://thewellnessguys.com/

Back to the review.  I would rate them 5/5,  importantly for the below reasons :

> Quality & time of the show content

> Backgrounds of the hosts

> Weekly podcast

> Being busy, dedication to devote time & effort to increase wellness awareness among general public.

Great job guys, keep rocking!!






My first short black

I have sweet tooth. Or most probably, that’s what people told me from my childhood and I trust it blindly. Every morning, I go to a cafe opposite my office and select the coffee I am going to drink that day. Yesterday, in a particularly energetic mood – I looked hard at the menu and said -‘one short black, please’.

As asked, I got it.

Much as I expected, It was really really black. To gain some motivation, I googled on the benefits of black coffee. Found out that, it is one of aussie’s favorite drinks. Now, I am very certain that gulab jamuns won’t be on the menu – any day I invite any Aussie to my home. Back to the point, I tried drinking a sip, and it was very bitter.

Every sip I took, my body shivered strangely. I think it is it’s own way of telling me to stop. After drinking about 75%, I threw the rest away, and sweetened my mouth with couple of saltened cashew nuts.

My experiment told me one thing – I really have sweet tooth. Or, I should keep drinking black coffee until I get used to it. I would prefer the first one.

On a side note, came across this website zen to fitness while searching for benefits of black coffee. Really zen like, it has average reading time mentioned for each article. Quite creative and impressive. Take a look, if you have time.


Blue mountains!:)

This Easter long weekend, we started our australia tours with the famous blue mountains.

Booked with: oztrek
Driver/guide: Jim, a quirky Aussie
Tour time: depart at 8:30 from strath field, return at 6.
Bus breaks: morning coffee, lunch break
Things to do: a view of blue labyrinth, three sisters, katoomba waterfalls and 3 rides in scenic world
Children: our daughter, 20 mths came along with us all the rides. However, check out scenic railway. Shy babies may not appreciate a train going at 52 degree incline.
Food: if you plan to, can pack your food. There’s a YHA place, where you can peacefully sit and have lunch. Lots of places to eat. Vegetarians, there’s subway – so, relax.
Overall : 3.5/5

What I liked the most?
Rainforest view
Scenic railway
Scenic walkway

Here are some pics:

My first boot camp

It’s hard. Really hard for the beginners. My next three days were spent relaxing my muscles of the high Intensity activity.

You can’t back out, cos you are in group activity
You have some one telling you what exactly to do next
Increase in confidence levels
Variety of exercise

Pricey, when you can mix and match yourself
Risk of injury, if not fully prepared for such high intensive workout

Just a little over a month since I started exercising. So, I was not ready, and had my toughest workout so far. Not going soon, unless I have done resistance and cardio both for a while.