Run update

It’s a good day. Ran 2km straight.
Lots of things to write, but not possible with DD fighting to snatch your phone.

Quite happy.



Run update

After my last run on Sunday, my legs ached. And they lasted for one whole day. So, Monday was just some stretching. I was surprised that stretching can make me sweat as well.

Ok, back to today. After getting up at 6, I was telling myself that I will skip today, but I got my socks out of the closet anyway. Went to the gym, and started my run. I had a goal of 3 km, including warm up. The first 0.3 km was warmup, and then I started running at speed of 6.5 and incline of 1. I lasted until 1.8 km – which is pretty decent. I wanted to give up. After 1.5 km, but I kept telling myself that I will quit once I run 0.1 km more and it made me to run 0.3 km more. But, once I stopped at 1:8 and started running at 2.0 km, my body was SOOOOO resistant to run. After the eminem song and all my mental motivation, I ran only 0.3 km. and then walked all the way until 3.0 km. tad disappointed with my performance after 1.8 km today.

I know that my body is ready to run. It’s fit and it has gotten used to the rhythm of running. But, why am I not runnning, once I take pause?

To overcome this, I am gonna do two Things:
1. Carry water bottle and drink whenever I pause
2. Mentally, imagine myself running from 1.8 to 3 km a lot of times so that it looks achievable to me on the treadmill.

Let’s see how it goes. Have a great day and keep rocking!!


What I want from my daughter

This particular thought process kept occurring to me every now and then, through out my day. So, I thought I should pen it down.

Few of my friends are in unhappy marriages. And by unhappy, they have lost freedom and identity as a person. When I take the time to listen to them, they tell me that – they knew that the guy was not right for them during their period between engagement and marriage. Their intuitions told them. Mind you, all these girls are around 25 yes, have a post graduate education and few years of work experience as well. So, my next logical question to them- then, why did you go ahead and marry him? The answers vary – the underlying meaning is the same. They never trusted their intuitions. They never shared their feeling with anybody else. They never thought that, this incompatibility could ruin their life. And, trust me it did.

On the other hand, I know quite few people who have ruined their life’s equally by doing just the opposite- listening to their intuitions too much, and never listening to people’s advise.

Take my case. There have been few instances in my life where I told my opinions to my parents, but respected their decision in the end. But then, there is also my marriage decision where I just went ahead with my gut, and they supported me. Even though I was good at knowing my intuitions, I still respected and considered other people’s opinions. I am lucky to have this attitude towards life, atleast I think so.

I am an Indian, currently staying in Sydney. When I look at the local girls here, I see them as highly confident, and strong willed. Indian upbringing places too much emphasis on respecting elders bullshit that, children always remain children. The lucky ones, parents realize that the children are grown up and convert their status to friends.

Many of my friends have kids. They often keep telling me on how their kid has an opinion and would not change it for anything. His would these kids turn out in the future?

I want my daughter to trust her intuitions at every point of her life. And, take opinions from parents and have the capability to give good thought before taking decisions. In fact, as a girl – this would be her biggest challenge.

Run update

Today morning, I woke up at 5:30 , half an hour well before my gym opens. And that’s because I was going to experiment outdoor running today. The treadmill was making me more and more disappointed with every single day. The run was pretty awesome – the much required confidence booster.

There’s a particular road on which I never ran until now, as soon as I come there I feel that I can’t run and start walking back home. Today, after my yesterday’s blog post – I caught myself doing that again today. I told myself that I will never walk but rather slow jog. So I did that along the road.

All in all, good.

My mother in law, who had been observing my food habits lately gave me a solid piece of advise : excercise while continuing to eat your normal food.

I need that reminder, sometimes 🙂

Have a good day and keep rocking!!

More changes

Yesterday evening, I went to the gym. At 6.5 km/hr, I was able to run just for 1.25 km. the rest, I just brisk walked. Shame on me.

When I was searching for weight loss motivations on google today, I came across an article that says top 10 reasons why one would not lose weight.

I resonated perfectly with reason 5 – not trying hard enough. After a late-from-work day today, I am at the bus stop from 20 minutes now. I kept thinking, why I was sitting in the office all alone from 6 pm until 8 pm. There’s an urgency on my task but surely no body’s going to kill me if I went home. But, I stayed and completed work to a logical stop. I questioned myself why. Because I don’t leave things midway – that’s not my style. I reminded myself often how I am praised by my bosses for being meticulous and hanging there till the very end. So, why am I not doing the same in terms of my workouts???

A deep breath and a sheepish smile. Now, I knew. As I think, I see myself repeating this behavior all over my life – not giving up and hanging there till the end.

So, a second thought shift is in place now – just include fitness in your daily habit list. I just need to keep reminding myself that I never give up , why now???

Necessary changes

Over the past few weeks, I have nearly read 200-250 articles on weight loss, and all the excercises that go with it.

There is a great deal of benefit in reading about things you want to do. You’ll find that you are not alone, and lot of people write about the things unanswered for you. It keeps you motivated, more importantly to break down the useless myths you had regarding yourself all your life.

Mine was – I can never lose weight. Its mostly bone weight and not water. So, it’s stubborn fat and I cannot get to lose it. I just have to live with it all my life. I hate these extra pounds, and I have no option.
Reality : my thinking is 20% true. I have less water to lose, which would not let me lose a lot of calories in the initial stage. I never excercised, except walking. Not even brisk walking.
New attitude: I am like everybody else. Weight loss is not easy. If I eat right things and excercise everyday, I WILL LOSE WEIGHT. I may take longer without the professional help, but I will lose it. The Internet is my all-in-one.

I believe this attitude will surely do me wonders because the first step to losing weight is believing that you can lose weight by putting hard work like anybody else.

Also when I think of the areas I excel at life, it’s because of the enormous hours and dedication I put in them. Should try to replicate the same thing with fitness and see.

On a side note, my dear daughter woke up at 4:45 AM and just kept playing until 6 AM, which naturally moved my workout to the evening. Can’t wait to go to the gym and see how I run those km’s off.

Hope all’s well with you all – have a great day and keep rocking!!

Run update

It is said that, if you ask for help strongly enough, you will get it. It happened to me so many times – now, one more time.

My dear friend from Singapore chatted for quite long yesterday and gave me all the tips I was looking for my first run. Thank you huixuan 🙂

Coming back to today’s run update – I made 2 changes :
> run for distance
> run at a speed of 7

These are so important changes. I tried to run 2.2 km, and I was able to run around 1.3 km. the rest, I just brisk walked at the Same pace. Some where in between, I changed my speed to 6 and that felt more comfortable to me. Today’s practise run was just to prove myself that all the practise I did so far didn’t go wrong. A happy person I am, early morning.


Have a great day, and keep rocking!!