The da Vinci code : book review

Ok, I know I am the last one on planet earth to read this one. Wait, I know another soul who is still to read this – my dear hubby. So, when I started reading the book – he told me to explain the story after I was finished. Clearly, he had no intentions of reading the book. So, today when I started explaining to him – he looked tired and confused. His simple question – can you explain the story in 10 points and your review in 3 points. I failed miserably, being a very verbose person. However, that was enough to keep my monkey brain busy through the day.

Here is the story of the book in 10 points:

1.the bloodline of Jesus Christ is alive.
2. The documents depicting human nature of Jesus Christ, and the identities of the Jesus Christ bloodline are protected by a group of people , called as priory of Sion.
3. A historian thinks that, priory is black mailed by church, and hence never reveals the truth to the world.
4. The historian’s wish is to reveal the Jesus Christ secret to the world.
5. He uses top most officials of opus dei(a Christian missionary) to get the keystone that contains the secret.
6. Another historian, with the help of priory member’sgrand daughter unlocks all the puzzles involved in opening the keystone.
7. The two historians are friends, and the selfish historian helps the other one and grand daughter for solving all the puzzles.
8. The selfish historian is sent to jail, and he never finds out where the documents are.
9. The priory’s grand daughter is jesus christ’s bloodline, along with her brother.
10. The historian finally discovers the location of the grail documents, and let’s it remain a secret as per the died priory member’s wishes.

Review :
1. The concept of faith mentioned in the book is excellent.
2. For a non Christian like me, I felt like a kindergarten student with graduation textbooks. But, concepts well explained.
3. Some characters stole the whole stage, while others just looked on. Can be better at police and other’s characteristics.

So, that’s it for now.good night and sweet dreams.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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