After my friends and my dear hubby repeatedly told me to focus first on weight loss, rather than a runner – I finally brought it into my notice. Today, climber 30 mins 250 calories. Ofcourse they were right. Given my soft corner for treadmill, I stepped on it again – brisk walking at incline 10 and pace 5. In 5 minutes, i spent 50 calories. Pretty impressed. Now, I think I am going to split up my workouts across many variations. But, deep down my heart, all I want at this moment is to close my eyes, keep running and enjoy the innermost peace possible.

With a full fresh coconut at home, it’s time for coconut laddoo. I picked up the recipe at gayatrivantillu. I’ll let you all know how it went.

Oh, and another thing. I just lost my 1 hour of time, due to say light savings.

Good day guys, keep rocking !:)


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