A better outdoor run

For good or bad, the gym doors were closed even today. Ran outdoor again. Today was good than previous run, but I can still do lot better. Ran for 10 mins straight, stop at big signal, ran for 2 mins, walk for 1 min, ran for 7 min, walk for 5 mins back home.

The difference I noticed was, although my legs were kind of forcing me to stop,there is no pain in them. I think, now it’s all about how diligent I am in practicing my running.

On another note, my dear hubby tells me to do climber, as his friend loses 700 cal in an hour. I am barely around 100. My main aim being losing weight, what he said made sense. But, i have seen so many runners outside , that I have a strong urge to be a runner.

After my no-timing food intake yesterday, decided to look for an iPhone app to keep food journal.


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