Too much knowledge is ..?

Much to my horror, I’ve realized that my 2012 goals have not been moving a bit. Okay, a bit exaggerating. Just the fitness goals.

When I tried to think, why I was not getting myself to is excercise – despite the fact that my fitter body is the one lingering in my mind all the time, and despite the fact that I can access virtually all the excercise related information on the internet.

Successfully went to gym for the first time yesterday. However, now that DD is back — the excercise thought process went to backburner. And viola – I came to know why :-

a) Given any topic, finding all suitable information and then reading and reading about it. May be, this is good for knowing things, but not good for practically doing things. It will only confuse you, as to which video to follow, what instructions to follow, which guru’s yoga dvd to follow. May be all of them are true, may be partly true or may be rubbish.

b) Find myself waiting for an instructor to magically appear before me, and teach me exactly what to do, so that I can lose weight in stubborn areas. But, personal trainer is out of budget, and I just keep hopelessly waiting – which  doesn’t translate to any  action.

c) Yesterday,in the gym  – was on stationary bike for 15 minutes, climber 10  minutes and treadmill for 10 minutes. Don’t know why I kept on jumping the instruments.

So, today early morning –  I had this great relevation that I can sum up in 2 little words :-

a) You got to learn yourself.

b) Find the video/ lesson with highest rating, and just stick to it. Imagine your internet connection can’t show you anything else

c) Perseverance. Treadmill means Treadmill and for that amount of time. No short changes.

Hopefully, I’ll keep telling the above things to myself.

All of you reading this, what is your biggest hurdle to start excercising and stay on with it?



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