The Truth: Peter Temple book review

Okay, after very very long I’ve managed to finish this murder mystery book, written by an Australian Author, Peter Temple. Found it very good.

At the end of the book, you’ll like Stephen Villani and admire the author for creating such a likeable character.  This book is a close look at the Head Of Homicide’s life. He is a brave guy but the way his father has an impression on him – is depicted in a very natural way. How the central character keeps thinking about so many personal things, while he is away on duty and being blamed that he never looked after the family – keeps the reader engaged and on a personal level, we can relate that happening to us as well.

Coming to the plot, the presence of a twin at the end gives our head the much needed relief – given the fact that even we’re scratching our head to find out about the Prosilio girl. The murderer is revealed at last, and we are left to tie all the loose ends and end the story. This part, is brilliant.

Australian Slang is everywhere in the book – from rego, servo and dunny. Expect a lot of “f**k” words in the book, justified because of its nature. For a non-australian reader, a bit of suprise in the language but refreshing.

If you are in mood for reading murder mystery, go ahead and pick this one.






Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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