The Truth: Peter Temple book review

Okay, after very very long I’ve managed to finish this murder mystery book, written by an Australian Author, Peter Temple. Found it very good.

At the end of the book, you’ll like Stephen Villani and admire the author for creating such a likeable character.  This book is a close look at the Head Of Homicide’s life. He is a brave guy but the way his father has an impression on him – is depicted in a very natural way. How the central character keeps thinking about so many personal things, while he is away on duty and being blamed that he never looked after the family – keeps the reader engaged and on a personal level, we can relate that happening to us as well.

Coming to the plot, the presence of a twin at the end gives our head the much needed relief – given the fact that even we’re scratching our head to find out about the Prosilio girl. The murderer is revealed at last, and we are left to tie all the loose ends and end the story. This part, is brilliant.

Australian Slang is everywhere in the book – from rego, servo and dunny. Expect a lot of “f**k” words in the book, justified because of its nature. For a non-australian reader, a bit of suprise in the language but refreshing.

If you are in mood for reading murder mystery, go ahead and pick this one.






Book Review: Australia

The last hotel where I stayed, I manged to grab the book “Australia” by travbugs. Below is my brief review:-

a) Awesome pictures. If you have 10 minutes with the book, please go through the pics.

b) Read about the history and culture.  It is good to know, what’s with the “White” australians, Aboriginals and the Chinese you see everywhere.

c) There are some handy numbers in every city you can visit. What i did was note down the important places and numbers. Ofcourse you can look up on internet, but there’s no better thing  than finding everything at one place.


Getting house for rent in hyderabad, singapore and sydney

Guys and Gals,

It’s been officially 10 days in Sydney now. As with me at every new place, I’m not finding Sydney a very good place. However, given the fact that, how bad i can be – when it comes to first impression I’m waiting for Sydney to prove wrong.

Staying in hyderabad for around 5 years, Singapore for 3 years and Sydney for 10 days – I’m finding differences that I would prefer to write down – rather than eat my husband’s brain.

1. Renting a house

In hyderabad, you can advertise  online, but that’s not how most people will find you. A cardboard with your house details will be left hanging in front or around the house/apartment, with contact numbers listed. Local newspapers are a great idea too. We can just call up, and the owner will fix up the time. You can view the house, and negotiate/ ask the owner to do some work on the house before you rent/ do yourself and cut it from the next month’s rent.  Generally, 2 months in advance is what they ask for.  Property agents are also a viable option and they will demand a portion of your monthly rental once the deal is confirmed. There’s very little good public transport — so bike/car would do you good while getting around in the city.

Good thing : You can NEGOTIATE the rent and lot of other things.

Bad thing: People CHEAT. So, please take your Indian/ Hyderabadi friend along when finalizing the house. There aren’t a lot of questions you can ask.

In Singapore, we find agents everywhere. Property is usually advertised on THE STRAITS TIMES on sunday where you call up and fix the appointments. The agent will pick you up, take you around in car and show you the property. Depending on the owner, the rental may or may not be negotiable. The first thing you’ll notice when searching a house is that people prefer tenants with a certain race, and will not want ones with certain race. Although you crib about it at first,but you’ll realize that more problems await you if you are associated with an owner with racial mindset. The public transport is highly efficient but it may take you hours to go from one place to another. visit to find out 🙂

They take your 1 or 2 months salary as deposit and will return to you only if the lease is completed AND the owner finds the house in good condition. Now, this will get very tricky and if the owner has made up his mind not to return you the money – you will be at your wit’s end convincing the owner and failing. Preferably, take ones closer to MRT – they would be a bit costly but all worth the money.

Never get carried away by lot of things the agents say. See everything for yourself and then decide.

Good thing : You get the attention of agents , and will have rentals advertised in news papers and online.

Bad thing:  If you are unlucky, you’ll have to forget your deposit. Unfortunately, no body can help you with this. Just remember that, during such cases the rental agent will just disappear from the scene.

In sydney, properties are usually listed in websites. There are two prominent ones : and When you see the advertisement, usually there are “Open for Inspection Times” listed, on nearest Saturdays or sometimes weekdays. What this means is, the agent will open the house to view for that 15 minutes and will lock the house and go away after that. There is no one-on-one dealing and if you are late for inspection, you are late. You’ll have be spot on and be there in the 15 mins the house is open for inspection. Once you confirm the house, you pay 1 month in bond and 2 weeks advance. After you move in, you don’t pay the 2 weeks rental and the bond stays with them until you’ve rented their house. the property agent gets a % cut on your rent every week. Oh ya, and forgot to mention – you pay the rent every WEEK, opposed to Singapore and Hyderabad where you pay monthly. You apply for the rental, and wait for the result. Usually, you’ll get to know the result in a day or two.

Good thing: the security deposit stays with government, and is given back once your lease is completed.

Bad thing: If you are a working expat, and searching home to bring your family, you’re dead. Most places are open for inspection only on saturday and the application gets processed only on coming monday. It may take much longer than you thought. Look out for suburbs.

This is lengthy post, still leaving me lot of things to blog about.

I may be wrong at several places in the post, but all the above is based on my personal experiences. Feel free to comment. Thanks.







House hunt or …?

Its 10 days in sydney and we have been doing hopeless hunt for home.  I wanted to crib in more detail about how the rentals and other stuff work in sydney here. But, not until i get a home. Usually, comparing this with singapore make me cringe more and more.

Needless to add to the list is the public transport. I heard it’s the best, with no buses after 7:45 on the routes I’m travelling. And my routes are full of people, traffic and cars.

I think it would be good, if I can say something nice about sydney – isn’t it? Well, thinking hard – Life hasn’t really changed for good – in fact right now there is nothing I can appreciate. The office and other stuff is basically the same but basic amenities are hard to arrange.