Trips with targets

I am about to finish my trip to mothers place tomorrow morning. Apart from the fun and frustrations I had in feeding my DD, I realized three things.

1. My patience levels have greatly improved since my previous visit. Here. So, here is a pat on my back. Noticed that no matter what the situation, my mind is tuned such that it doesn’t evoke frustration when the receiver is saanvi.

2. Saanvi has very less intake is solids compared to her peers. My mom and sis were shocked to see her portions. Sigh.

3. Tomorrow she will turn 18 months and. She is still in bottle. I subscribed to a tip today, where they say that she should be off the bottle already.

So, this trip comes with three targets:

1. To reduce weight by 10 kg in 6 months
2. To wean saanvi from bottle
3. To make saanvi eat normal rice


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