DH’s birthday today. We have the practice of taking off for our birthdays and going off somewhere. This year, we both came to office. Vinod was telling me – “after Facebook, there is no personal life”, as he had quite few unexpected calls from his friends. Agree too. Last anniversary n birthday, I gifted Vinod an expensive electric razor from Philips. To my much disappointment, I can count the no. Of times he used it. Felt useless n bad. This year, feeling worse when I didn’t gift him anything for anniversary or birthday.

But, just then something happened. I like to think myself creative. Here are some ideas I have –

1. Waterproof note taker
2. Excel vba online course
3. Business writing subscription

We finally went for 2, and got vba online at Not a tangible birthday gift, but I think very useful compared to my previous ones 🙂


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