Motherhood lessons -1

Everyday my daughter is busy teaching me lot of things. I am sure she will be a good teacher, if she wishes one day. Just kidding. Through fun or frustration, I learn a lot of things on dealing with her, from her. This blog series will contain 25 things she taught me.

Lesson – 1

She is now 18 months and understands every single word we speak at home. So, when I try to feed her, she demands I put the whole plate in front of her, after which she can eat some, and put the rest all over her body. Any resistance from my side results in her louder voice. I realized, I was talking too much to her about food. Asking her to eat every single minute of the feeding session. And if she doesn’t eat food – brainless me start offering snacks one after another only to see her refuse. After a while, my frustrations pile up, and I end up in tears. For situation like these, below are my daughter’s lessons to me :

1. 18 mth babies understand. Don’t talk too much about food or persuade us too much.
2. Ignore us, when we are too much in mood for tantrums. It doesn’t help both of us.
3. Give some gap, before giving up on me.
4. We eat, may be not the quantity and item u want, but some other stuff. Keep trying.
5. Chill, as long as doc says I’m doing okay. I heard u were worse when u r kid 😉

That’s all for feeding lesson, more to come. Good night folks.


Trips with targets

I am about to finish my trip to mothers place tomorrow morning. Apart from the fun and frustrations I had in feeding my DD, I realized three things.

1. My patience levels have greatly improved since my previous visit. Here. So, here is a pat on my back. Noticed that no matter what the situation, my mind is tuned such that it doesn’t evoke frustration when the receiver is saanvi.

2. Saanvi has very less intake is solids compared to her peers. My mom and sis were shocked to see her portions. Sigh.

3. Tomorrow she will turn 18 months and. She is still in bottle. I subscribed to a tip today, where they say that she should be off the bottle already.

So, this trip comes with three targets:

1. To reduce weight by 10 kg in 6 months
2. To wean saanvi from bottle
3. To make saanvi eat normal rice

The art of conversations

I had to perform sankranti nomu tomorrow. But, I am not going to do it. The reason is, I thought dosakaya was optional, my mother in law thought it was mandatory. We never discussed about this nomu before the day evening. Naturally, hubby dear was a bit upset. I think I am sad because I am not able to perform nomu tomorrow. But, I think I have to learn the art of conversation. Whatever I want to do, get complete information before hand.

I did some damage repair by noting down the complete details atleast now.

Dealing with daughter who doesn’t wake up early

I was worried that my little one was not going to bed until 11 or 11:30 every single day, and putting her to sleep was my biggest nightmare. Little did I realize that my 17-mth was also like us : getting up late. And hence, sleeping late. I wanted to change her routine so badly, that I tried until I got frustrated. Later, I slowly realized that changing her routine alone doesn’t help. Only when combined with my routine, it helped. I too got up early. And my daughter was wide awake within 5 minutes, haha. Nights are bit tricky, and I usually keep my mouth shut and let her slide to sleep. As she doesn’t have more than 2 hrs of sleep in day, usually she needs only 15 minutes to go to sleep. This is working so far, let’s see.


DH’s birthday today. We have the practice of taking off for our birthdays and going off somewhere. This year, we both came to office. Vinod was telling me – “after Facebook, there is no personal life”, as he had quite few unexpected calls from his friends. Agree too. Last anniversary n birthday, I gifted Vinod an expensive electric razor from Philips. To my much disappointment, I can count the no. Of times he used it. Felt useless n bad. This year, feeling worse when I didn’t gift him anything for anniversary or birthday.

But, just then something happened. I like to think myself creative. Here are some ideas I have –

1. Waterproof note taker
2. Excel vba online course
3. Business writing subscription

We finally went for 2, and got vba online at Not a tangible birthday gift, but I think very useful compared to my previous ones 🙂