Motherhood lessons -1

Everyday my daughter is busy teaching me lot of things. I am sure she will be a good teacher, if she wishes one day. Just kidding. Through fun or frustration, I learn a lot of things on dealing with her, from her. This blog series will contain 25 things she taught me.

Lesson – 1

She is now 18 months and understands every single word we speak at home. So, when I try to feed her, she demands I put the whole plate in front of her, after which she can eat some, and put the rest all over her body. Any resistance from my side results in her louder voice. I realized, I was talking too much to her about food. Asking her to eat every single minute of the feeding session. And if she doesn’t eat food – brainless me start offering snacks one after another only to see her refuse. After a while, my frustrations pile up, and I end up in tears. For situation like these, below are my daughter’s lessons to me :

1. 18 mth babies understand. Don’t talk too much about food or persuade us too much.
2. Ignore us, when we are too much in mood for tantrums. It doesn’t help both of us.
3. Give some gap, before giving up on me.
4. We eat, may be not the quantity and item u want, but some other stuff. Keep trying.
5. Chill, as long as doc says I’m doing okay. I heard u were worse when u r kid 😉

That’s all for feeding lesson, more to come. Good night folks.


BusinessMan Movie Review

Movie review in 5 points :

1. Mahesh babu is the soul of the movie.
2. A different film breaking the formulaic villain-hero-comedy track
3. Ample cinematic liberties defying logics
4. Supporting, strong music
5. Superb dialogues and punching delivery by the lead-man

All in all, paisa vasool. You will walk out humming “saar vastara…”.

Dealing with daughter who doesn’t wake up early

I was worried that my little one was not going to bed until 11 or 11:30 every single day, and putting her to sleep was my biggest nightmare. Little did I realize that my 17-mth was also like us : getting up late. And hence, sleeping late. I wanted to change her routine so badly, that I tried until I got frustrated. Later, I slowly realized that changing her routine alone doesn’t help. Only when combined with my routine, it helped. I too got up early. And my daughter was wide awake within 5 minutes, haha. Nights are bit tricky, and I usually keep my mouth shut and let her slide to sleep. As she doesn’t have more than 2 hrs of sleep in day, usually she needs only 15 minutes to go to sleep. This is working so far, let’s see.


“stop reading and writing useless stuff” -was the advise I got from my practical hubby, as I explained him the night long horror dream I had, which made me get up at 9AM today. It was about a person who conspired to damage me, as a revenge because I didnt allow him to propose to my friend. I almost got the plot ready, just that instead of the plot being worked on one of the characters, it was working on ME. Scary and exciting at the same time. I know that I take less than 30 seconds to start imagining things. But, is it really doing me more harm than good…?

Writing is one thing I love, because the non stop train of thoughts has only one station – a piece of paper. I wonder, the train of thoughts get erased once I put them down and my brain becomes free.

How organized you should be?

Yesterday night, me and hubby dear spent 2 hours synching up the work we did in the project for last 3 months. Found some glaring gaps, n lot of unnecessary documents. Cleaned them up. Feeling much better now.

After working with international teams, and trying to learn frm them – one thing I imbibed was organized folder structure. Neat, organized n easily searchable. Not an information to be missed. On the other hand, my hubby dear has chaotic folder order, but he can find things in seconds. I made him to have folder structure similar to mine – but I kept wondering to myself — how organized one should be? If you are the only one to look at, can we be still chaotic? Or we should organize such that anyone who looks there can find things, not only u. What’s your take?

My little monster

Yesterday night DD slept at 12:15. And then, to my surprise she sat with her eyes wide open, and removed my blanket. And started signaling me that we both should go out of the bedroom to play – at around 3 am.I remained in sleeping position and managed to put her to sleep with great difficulty. I can see that the little one is growing n picking up things very fast. Like, how to get things done. Her sleep pattern yesterday kept me thinking – is it the same me??? Given my usual attitude, I would have been so easily irritated. But, when I was holding saanvi, the only thought that kept occurring to me was – “mama will never get tired, angry or irritated. She will love u unconditionally , my dear baby”.