2011 Reflections

The office day is about to end in a couple of hours and this year is about to end in couple of days. As I wrote just now in my FB post, “Good, better, best ,bad ,worse or worst, this year is for the strongest memory”. I cannot make up my mind as I had the 2nd worst situation in my life for couple of months this year. But, how that memory was negated by the overcrowding positive things in my life – only the master can answer.

My next year is going to be in Sydney. With no clue on the culture and life style there, I’m only hoping for more positive memories to cherish.  I like to contradict myself saying that, no matter where you go and stay – you’ll experience only what you feel within, and this is constant until an urge & need to change yourself arises.  With this point in view, I have made few resolutions for 2012, in no order of importance :

1. To run everyday for 30 minutes.

2. To record every single paisa that comes in and goes out.

3.  To eat fruits 3 times a week

4. To read 5 books

5. To record every situation where I am upset and cried

Lot more ideas floating to my mind, but my main goals are to be FIT – physically , mentally and financially. Good bye 2011!!!!


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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