To lead or not to lead?

One of the guys who report to me today, messed up the work n was soooo unapologetic about it. Even when I try to make him realize. Is that a separate breed of people OR I should still learn the tricks of trade??

Sometimes, you feel so close to the people in your life – sometimes I am forced to think, whether I am even in their thoughts once a week. It gives great solace to acknowledge the facts and move on, rather than fret over things other people don’t even know existed in my thoughts.

Bad heater experience. Still long way to go in heater shopping. Despite our brains telling us to go for a branded one, we paid more value to our colleague – Delhi resident’s useless advise n brought a local one. That got spoiled in 2 days, n we are back to agreeing with ourselves painfully , went and bought a brand new branded heater. I just pray that my little one gets over this horrible cold.

I think, dhanush’s kolaveri di is a HIT, hear me screaming. Why not dhanush’s, when my 16 mth daughter can recognize this song, dance on the tune n can blackmail us to play the song repeatedly for her. I’m not oblivious like the other people – the music director deserves full round of applause too. Great job guys.


Author: Saraswathi Pulluru

Aham Bhrahmasmi.

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